What is This?

CerberusMC will allow you full console client access to an Alternate Minecraft account.

Low Cost

Buying a new Minecraft account is expensive, why not rent one (or 2) on demand for the time you need. Run that alternate account on our hardware and save your computer for something more fun. These are ideal for players that need another player around for AFK or to test out a build.

Full Control

You get full console control of the account while you are renting it: chat and use commands just like you would for your own account. The only limits are common sense limits to make sure the accounts aren't abused and banned. Chat and commands are rate limited and filtered for inappropriate content such as profane or vulgar language, advertisements, and other objectional phrases.

Access From Anywhere

Access your CerberusMC alternate accounts from anywhere with internet. The console runs on our server, but you can view the console output and from anywhere. AFK securely knowing that if your home internet connection drops you will not lose potential game income. Monitor your progress while on the go.

Where Can I Use CerberusMC?

We want to make sure this service can be around for awhile so we are manually adding capable servers. Each new server is researched to ensure that multiple concurrent connections from a single IP address are permitted. Currently, you can use CerberusMC on:


If this sounds awesome, how much does it cost? We track usage by 6 hour blocks so you need 4 blocks for an entire 24 hour day. Try us out, buy 1 day of blocks (4 blocks) for just $1.00 or invest in the long term and save money, buy 1 week (28 blocks) for $5.00 or 1 month (120 blocks) for $15.00.

What is a Console Client?

You have played Minecraft right? A Console Client is the chat portion of the game only. There is no graphical interface and you will not be able to "see" anything in game except the chat output of the server. But players in the game will see the character and more importantly, the server will see the character and will keep that chunk, or series of chunks, loaded. You have full access to any command that character has like /tpa, /bal, /pay, etc.


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